About The NHS Retirement Fellowship

AboutUsThe NHS Retirement Fellowship was founded in 1978 and is the social, leisure, educational and welfare organisation for retired NHS staff and their partners.

The Fellowship provides an opportunity for retired NHS staff and their partners to meet and spend time with other like minded people, to enjoy existing friendships, make new friends and have fun together.

As in all friendships, members support each other in good times and also through difficult patches in their lives.

The Fellowship is a registered charity with no political or religious affiliations and has approximately 15,000 members across the UK.

Where are the branches?

There are about 200 branches across the UK, in England, Scotland and Wales.

A lot of hospitals have a branch meeting on the premises; other branches meet in church halls and community centres. If you worked in a hospital there may be a branch of the Fellowship associated with it. You may wish to join a branch near to where you live or you may decide to join one associated with your former place of work.

What is the difference between Branch membership and Postal membership?

Branch membership means that you belong to a branch; either one that is local to where you live or you may wish to join a branch that is associated with the hospital where you worked.  Postal membership means that you are full member of the NHS Retirement Fellowship but not a member of a local branch. You can still participate in the interest groups, attend conference, go on the holidays and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

Who can join the NHS Retirement Fellowship?

Anyone who has worked in the NHS, either directly employed by the NHS or through a contract with an external agency is eligible to become a member. You may have worked in a hospital, in a community clinic, a GP surgery, an Ambulance service or in a health service headquarters. Partners are also welcome to join.

I am not 60, what age do you have to be to join?

You can join the Retirement Fellowship if you have taken early retirement, if you have finished work before retirement age, or if you have retired but are still doing full time or part time work. We have members in their 40s as well as their 90s!

What benefits will I get as a member?

At a branch you will meet other retired NHS staff, and their partners, renew friendship with former colleagues and make new friends; as a postal member you will keep in touch with retired colleagues through the Fellowship newsletter, the website, a postal members’ event and through information sent from the Fellowship Director.

~ The Fellowship newsletter is sent to every member three times a year.

~ Members can take up a new interest with their colleagues

~ You will be invited to attend the annual conference

~ The Fellowship has a Benevolent Fund for members who are in need

~ NHS Retirement Fellowship members have the chance to join and stay at the Civil Service Club situated in Whitehall, London. The Club offers overnight accommodation, a bar, bar food as well as a more formal dining area (there is a small annual subscription)

~ The Fellowship has an increasing number of interest groups for members across the UK, currently a Photography group, a Golf Society, a Book Club and there are more to come

~ Members can submit motions for debate at the AGM and the National Council routinely lobby Government departments and other bodies over issues that concern members

~ A range of holidays are on offer including a week abroad, walking holidays and more

~ If you are housebound or are unable to get to a branch meeting a “Phone a Friend” scheme may be of interest to you

~ Legal services are available to members and their families

~ Competitive insurance through the Civil Service Insurance Society

~ Keep in contact with friends and colleagues through our Facebook page

~ Join the Fellowship lottery with a chance to win £2,000 every week